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Facilities and "Audit AIDC"

AIDC's corporate headquarters is located in the town of Williston, minutes from the Burlington International Airport in northern Vermont. Our 110,000 square foot building houses the corporate office, IT, processing departments and warehouse operations.  Our facility has fiber optic connections for phone, internet and internal communications, meeting the security requirements as specified in SSAE 16 standards.  Humidity and temperature control within the warehouse is ideal for proper storage of client product. Operations are efficient through incorporation of multiple loading docks, sealed cement flooring, racking and sophisticated manifest systems.

"Audit AIDC" allows all client staff and their designated auditors or an outside consultant full access to AIDC facilities and personnel at their request, and cooperates with all review of our procedures, processing and controls in a professional manner. Further, AIDC has an "open door" policy - personnel from client offices, or their designees, are welcome to visit AIDC premises at any time without prior notice, meet with any AIDC employees and review any of the transactions we are handling on their behalf